I’ve spent many many hours looking at and swinging the best bats, gloves and helmets available for baseball in the UK. I will soon be posting a 2016 line of the best accessories for anybody’s game.

As I review more, I will as add them and hopefully slowly I will cover the best items available in the UK.

Why trust my reviews?

Well you don’t have to. After all I am just some guy that enjoys baseball with a mission to provide the best information for baseball and softball in the UK. I don’t actually sell any of these bats, gloves, helmets or other things myself and a probably never will. There are plenty of places that provide that and frankly I would rather not deal will customers services and such. So hopefully my lack of incentive will make you believe me that I am impartial.

I think that I can safely claim that I have swung almost every manufacturer of softball or baseball bat at some point since my interest in baseball began in 2010. All that swinging has made me into a self proclaimed expert for baseball in the UK.

As well as this, I’ve discussed so many aspects of baseball with many of my fellow baseball enthusiasts in the USA. But at the end of the day, I am just a person who loves the game and I hope that the information you find here provides some insight and helps to create some passion within people in the UK for the great game.