Well we paid our (probable) final ever visit to William A. Shea Municipal Stadium a while ago, so that as they say is just about the end of that. A couple of weekends ago I also went up to Yankee Stadium. Under most circumstances (except for inter-league Mets v Yankees […]

SHEA Stadium Memories

Within this article I will look at some of the moves that teams have made, some minor, some major. Obviously I can‘t address every move that has been made. Each team will be looking to improve its team from 2008 to hopefully reach the holy grail of a championship ring. […]

Christmas Baseball Movers

Sometimes it seems like awards in Major League Baseball exist only to generate controversy amongst the fans, with deserving players being overlooked year after year. Many years the choices are obvious- in other times, people with different criteria end up arguing for different candidates. More often that one would like, […]

The ten worst Award decisions

The MLB trade deadline passed at 4pm ET on July 31, and in the months of June and July many notable players were traded. All trades strengthened teams looking to get into the post season, to give fans a chance to be optimistic about their chances. The trade system in […]

Deadline Dealing

This article has one important figure attached to it. 4,256. That’s the amount of hits Pete Rose equated in his 23 year playing career. Whilst passing Ty Cobb to become Major League Baseball’s all-time hit leader, he made one fatal mistake. Pete Rose bet on baseball. He finally admitted that […]

Pete Rose: An acceptable punishment?

There has been much debate recently about the effect the Home Run Derby has on players who participate in it. Some players have declined to take part alleging that participating causes players to change their swings, which has an adverse affect on their subsequent performance. Many fans have expressed their […]

Home Run Derby ruined my swing – Fact or Fiction

With major league teams ready to shut down for the all star break the age old debate is ready to return from hibernation. Should the All-Star game’s outcome have any significance other than bragging rights? And if we persist to give it significance should the farce that is fan voting […]

Mid-Summer Mystery