Louisville Slugger MLB180 Review

It’s important to check out baseball bat reviews before making a solid decision about which one to buy and bats made from ash have a long history in baseball. The first reported use of baseball bats constructed from ash was by John Andrew Hillerich in Louisville, Kentucky. Hillerich later went on to form the massive baseball brand called Louisville Slugger alongside his father. After this, the popularity of ash wood based bats grew quickly because they were much lighter when compared to bats made from other wood at the time such as hickory wood. This allowed a bat to be swung quicker for the bats for a average player thus making baseball more accessible to beginners.  This also had a big role in taking baseball out of its dead era.

125 years later and the Louisville slugger name has dominated Major League Baseball. In fact, more players use Louisville Slugger bats more than any other brand today and the MLB180 is a bestseller. It is often said that this bat is as close as you can get to owning a professional Major League Baseball bat an it’s legendary status  offers a great swing.



Wood: Northen white ash

Length: 32, 33 or 34 inches.

Barrel: 2 5/8 inch



The Louisville slugger ML180 features a classic design, look and feel. It’s also very durable and is widely known to get over three years of regular use out of one. With many wood bats , especially those made from ash, it can shatter if it gets hits on the handle from the pitch. These chances of handle shuttering will increase when faster pitches are performed. But with this bat the barrel tends to flex instead of shuttering.  So this risk is reduced somewhat.

It is finely lathed with a narrower handle which is long. It’s natural fibres create is lightness thus creating a good balance to maximise swing power directly to the ball.  It is very achievable to get a solid hit with this bat for novice and younger players. The thin handle makes it easy to grip and the balance across the slugger makes it comparable to more expensive wooden bats. It doesn’t feature a grip but this can be resolved by adding your own grip or sanding down the handle slightly to improve grip..  The MLB180 will provide players with a solid performance and it is highly regarded by many amateur baseball players. Also, the price makes it affordable so this comes highly recommended from me as a good beginner to intermediate bat.